Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Amuse-bouche today was Gottron's papules and dermatomyositis. A prior post on dermatomyositis here.

A quick review of the associated dermatologic findings:

Gottron’s papules-80% of patients
  • Hyperkeratotic, erythematous, flat papules

  • Dorsum MCP and IP joints, less commonly wrists/elbows/knees

  • Heliotrope rash- <50% of patients
  • Periorbital violaceous/erythematous rash

  • One or both eyelids

  • May be accompanied by edema

  • Shawl sign
  • Macular erythema in V shape at nape of neck

  • Mechanic's hands
  • Rough and scaly with fissuring

  • Lateral and palmar areas of fingers

  • Nail changes
  • Periungal erythmea

  • Telangiectasias on the proximal nail fold
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